At Simpson Nursery the 'child's voice' is at the centre of our practice.  Children are viewed as competent learners who make sense of the world around them through active engagement with it, and through interaction with other children and adults.  Children are treated with respect.  The experiences they bring with them are valued and built upon.  Children's achievements within and outwith nursery are recognised and celebrated.  They are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.  All children are treated as individuals who are able to make their own choices and decisions about where they play and how they learn, following their own curiosity and interests.  They are nurtured and cared for within a safe and secure environment.  Children are given responsibility and are supported to manage risk in all aspects of their play.  To maximise each child's potential we work in partnership with parents and carers who are encouraged to take part in the life of the nursery.


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