Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions or suggestions for our nursery.



Check the Simpson Primary School blog for weekly updates about our learning in nursery at the end of each week.  We would enjoy sharing your comments on our posts with the children. 



We now have Twitter!  Follow us @NurserySimpson for regular updates and reminders.



Please let us know if you do not currently receive letters electronically and we can add you to our email list.  Any printed letters will be put in document wallets in your child's coloured group trays for collection.  Please check the trays regularly at the end of each session.  We will also add a copy of each letter to the cloakroom folder for your reference.


Cloakroom Noticeboard

Please check the noticeboard in the cloakroom for weekly updates.  We also share our noticeboard news on our Twitter feed for those parents/carers who are unable to make it in to our nursery.


Online Journals

Please check your child's Online Learning Journal for regular updates on their learning. This is a great tool to link your child's home learning with nursery.

We love to see your contributions to your child's learning journal and this gives your child's key worker an opportunity to discuss their home learning at nursery too.

If you are having any trouble accessing your account please let us know. 



We have been creating Sways to share our learning.  Sway is an electronic presentation enabling us to share images, videos and text about our learning with parents/carers.  Check our blog and Twitter for updates.



Please feel free to visit the nursery to view, and contribute, to our floorbooks which document all our learning - just ask a member of staff to see them.