Good morning everyone I hope you are all well and keeping busy. The weather is not so nice today so why not try learning a little more about Time.

Days of the week

 Sing along to the days of the week song-

Ask an adult to ask you what days come before or after a day for example what day comes after Sunday? What day comes before Wednesday?

Create a diary and write down or draw what you have been doing each day.

Online game- ordering days of the week into the correct order

Months of the year

 Help Tom get ready for bed by clicking and dragging the months into the correct order.

Sing along as loud as you can to-

Talk about your favourite month and explain why.


 If you can look online to find a variety of calendars. Can you spot any similarities or differences? What do the calendars tell us? For example- how many Mondays are in May? How many weeks are in June? How many days are in December?

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

 In the garden or an indoor space play a game of What’s the time Mr Wolf.

Please upload your pictures to our Twitter page. We love to see how you are all getting on.


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