As yesterday was World Oceans Day, I thought we would have an ocean themed drama activity this week.


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is a lovely story about friendship, sharing and being an individual. Listen to the story here

then try out some of these drama activities.

Drama Activities 

  • Pretend you are the Rainbow fish swimming past all the other fish, ignoring them. What will your face look like? How will your body move?
  • The Little Blue Fish asks the Rainbow fish to have one of his special, shiny scales. Pretend to be him asking for the scales. What would you say to convince him?
  • Imagine you are the Little Blue Fish after he is finally given one of the shiny scales. Show his excitement swimming back and forth, whizzing through the ocean.
  • The Rainbow Fish soon realises  how happy he feels sharing his special scales. Show him sharing his scales and then happily playing and swimming with the other fish.

Other activities

  • create your own rainbow fish – you could try something like this

  • learn how fish can breathe under water by watching this video

I hope you enjoy the story and activities. I would love to see you taking part in them -tag me on twitter cara_aikman (remember not to include your child’s name).



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