Rhyming Words

How many rhymes do you know? Can you draw a picture of your favourite nursery rhyme or poem? You may even write some of the words underneath the picture.

Can you create a different ending to a rhyme, remember it still has to rhyme.

Eg. Humpty Dumpty sat on a chair

Humpty Dumpty was eating a pear


Twinkle, Twinkle little star

Up we go on an enormous car.

Draw a picture of your rhyme and share it with your teacher.


I’ve added some rhyming worksheets and some rhyming activities are on Education City.


Colour the Rhyme -am Word Family

Colour the Rhyme -ock Word Family

Colour the Rhyme -ug Word Family

Color the Rhyme -og Word Family

Rhyming String Cards

Lots of my favourite stories have rhyming words. eg. There’s A Bear On My Chair. Do you have a book that you like that contains rhyming words, share it on Twitter @ReadSps

Reading books for this week are. 

Look on Education City for more activities.

Have fun.

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