First of all – apologies. This was posted here early this morning and I did not press “publish! ” Here it is now!

09.06.20       PLANTS

Here are the resources you will need.



 This week we will be planting our own seeds.

  1. Firstly, let us remind ourselves:  What do plants and flowers need to grow?
  2. Do you have your seeds ready?
  3. They can be melon, apple, orange or any other type of fruit seed.
  4. First here is a video which shows you how to plant seeds.

  1. You do not need to plant them right now, you can plant them as you watch the PowerPoint.
  2. Now watch the PowerPoint “How Do Plants Grow?”
  3. You can watch the PowerPoint first then plant the seeds.
  4. Now can you complete the cut ‘n’ stick activity sheet to remind yourself how you planted your seeds.
  5. You can choose which to use with sheet 1 – either use sheet 2 or sheet 3.
  6. Next week we will see how your little seeds are doing.
  7. Here is a little interesting video to watch.

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