Today’s challenge is to create your very own ‘Me Map’ this will support the children transitioning into primary one and the children transitioning into nursery again.

The nursery staff have created their own example to give you a few ideas below.

Your Me Map could include a picture of your child, their likes and dislikes, favourite colour/food or things they enjoy doing! 

This can also include your child’s drawings. 

This can be done on paper and then photographed or done online and can be shared through our twitter page @NurserySimpson, your child’s learning journal or to the emails shared below.

Preschool children starting primary one sent to – 

Children starting back nursery or new to Simpson Nursery sent to –

The Me Maps will then be shared with the primary one teachers and will support the teachers and the nursery staff to get to know the children for when they start back nursery and primary one. 

Please keep your original copies of your child’s Me Map if possible for displays in the future!

Looking forward to seeing your Me Maps





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