It’s our second last week of home learning before the summer holidays! Hasn’t the time flown in?

Starting on Friday (19th), there will be another West Lothian Sumdog contest that ends on Thursday 25th – all you need to do to be a part of it is play the games on Sumdog! Simpson Primary did an amazing job last time so we’d love to see that happen again!

Below are the home learning grid and supporting documents. As always, do what you can and choose the routine that works for you!

P3 Week 9 Home Learning Grid

P3 Week 9 Literacy Activties wc 15 6 20

P3 Week 9 Numeracy Activities Document wc 15 6 20

100 connect 4 desk

P3-Week-9-RME-Science-Social-Science-and-French 15_06_2020

Maths blog post wb 15 6 20

P3 Other Curricular Areas wb 15 6 20

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