This book is an autobiography. This means the story really happened and the author is the person the story happened to.

Troy Andrews loved music when he was your age and dreamed of playing in a band like his older brother. Find out if he achieved his dream and how he got his nickname ‘Trombone Shorty’. 

Listen to the story here.

Drama Activities 

  • say ‘hello’ like Troy  did  – ‘where y’at’
  • Troy’s big brother James played the trumpet and liked to play really LOUD. Pretend you are playing the trumpet like James.
  • Troy played the trombone everywhere he went. Pretend to be like Troy and play the trombone in different places!
  • Pretend to be Troy when he got to go up on stage and play his trombone beside Bo Diddly. Think how excited and nervous he might have been feeling. Show this with your face and body.

Other Activities 

I hope you enjoy this week’s drama. I would love to see your photos – tag me on twitter cara_aikman (remember not to include your child’s name).

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