Hello P1 – Here are some fun activities for you to try today or on your last week as Primary 1.

Science – Investigating water

·         Ice cube tray (or a plastic cup/holder to freeze water in)

·         Pot/pan/kettle

·         Bath/sink/back garden

·         Jackets made of different materials

·         A cup

Questions to explore
·         What is happening to the water?

·         Why is it happening?

·         What word is the right word for what is happening to the water- is it melting/freezing or boiling?

·         Can you predict what jacket will be best for the job we want?

·         Can you tell me why you think that?

Information you might want to record
·         Put water into an ice cube tray- predict where they will freeze the best…why do you think that? Use the tray, once frozen, ask your child what they can use around the house to defrost each one quickly (maybe leave out some hair dryers/salt items that would work so that your child can easily choose/access) Take a photo of what you use for each cube and write down the time it takes beside it to melt.

·         Take an ice cube out the freezer, is it solid/liquid? Ask an adult to put it into a pot and add heat on the cooker- what is going to happen to it? Does it stay solid? If you keep heating the water, what happens? Can you see anything coming from the pot? What is happening now? Can you draw the process from ice cube-water-steam? Add in the words frozen, melt, boil next to process. (If you don’t want to boil the water in the pot- use a kettle and watch what comes out of the spout as it boils)

·         Create/record a weather report with a difference- you are going to choose the right jacket to wear in different weather- warm and sunny, windy, raining. You can report on what jacket to wear in this weather and why- maybe demonstrate with a small cup of water why you have chosen that jacket for the rain.

·         If you don’t want to make a video- use your camera/phone to take pictures of what happens when you pour a small cup of water onto different materials. Do this is in the sink/bath otherwise you may get other areas in the house soggy!


Technology – Creating animation

Download the app ‘Stop Motion’ and create your own cartoon using toys from your home. Try using lego, dolls house, teddy bears, play dough models etc. I had fun using this app and made the animals in our Sylvanian Family house move and also made our lego superheroes have a running race…. Batman won! I can’t wait to see what types of movies you will be able to create. Remember to share so your teachers and peers can see your wonderful creations.

Have fun.

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