Hello to everyone big and small.  We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We have been looking at things we thought you may like to explore or try during the summer holidays.

The image below shows a young child playing a game made from recycled cardboard, lollipop sticks, kitchen roll tubes and toilet roll tubes.  You could use a cereal packet or a cardboard tray easily for this.  It’s up to you how you wish to design your own layout.  A large marble or a bouncy ball are a good size to fit through the tubes.  The aim of the game is to make the ball travel though the obstacles and get to the end. This activity will help with hand eye co-ordination fine and gross motor skills and problem solving. You will need some sticky tape or glue and a few pens to draw the start and finish points.  It’s great fun give it a try.

Please remember to take care with younger siblings and small objects.

Work on Spatial Awareness With This Simple Nature Shape Puzzle .
I love this activity it’s so simple to put together and delivers a different result each time. This gives your child the opportunity to work on spatial awareness using a natural resource stones or pebbles. whilst being imaginative and creative. The image below is of a heart however you can create whatever shape your child prefers such as the outline of an animal maybe a dinosaur or a whale. After placing the large stones encourage your child to fill in the gaps with the smaller ones. To sustain the interest you could use buttons of various sizes or bottle tops. It’s up to you and whatever you happen to have at hand.
Please take a picture of your little ones efforts and share with us all on twitter or on their learners journal.
Below is a link on
Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Emotions! You will need to copy and paste to access.
Help your kids explore emotions with these super fun activities.
We wish you all a calm and relaxed summer break and remember have fun.
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