To Parent/Guardian

Below are guidelines for Home Learning activities to be completed on Thursday at home as part of a phased return to school.

1. All About Me Activity (Health & Wellbeing & Literacy)

For this activity children should use the worksheets provided and draw four items which are special to them in their lives and write a few sentence explaining why they are so important to them.

For example, Miss Butler would draw goggles and write about how she loves to swim and how often.

Note: Children should bring this work into school on Friday where they will share their special items with the class.

2. Addition and Subtraction (Numeracy)

There are three Numeracy activities – children are encouraged to choose and complete a minimum of one task.

Challenge Activity – Children should try to challenge themselves to create their own numeracy board game or an addition & subtraction colour-in activity.

Many thanks,

Miss Butler, Miss Gillespie, Miss Blyth, Miss Azam

Home Learning literacy numeracy

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