Rannoch Class had a really busy week in the garden, learning new gardening skills which included transporting soil using the wheelbarrow, raking the soil, sawing some wood, screwing nails into the fence slats using a cordless screwdriver, all skills they will need and sure will use when they have all grown up! They made bird feeders using lolly sticks and hung them up in the garden. So proud of our Class!

In this week’s Assembly, Habit 7 – ‘Sharpening the Saw’ was the focus. Rannoch Class learnt about how they should do more things for themselves – in our class we try and encourage and support each other  in every way possible so as they can do more things for themselves.

This week the class were doing a variety of learning activities in Maths – counting in 5s, some learning the addition of  HTU for the first time, others making stories of 10 using Cuisenaire Materials and they all played Maths games re-enforcing their learning.

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